1 YORKS Homecoming Parade

Battlesbury Barracks

We are commemorating 1YORKS return from OpCABRIT by holding a Homecoming Parade/Families Day on Friday 29th March 2019 at Battlesbury Barracks at Warminster.

The day will consist of: 

• A short parade, 
• Several Army stands. 
• Lunch 
• Musical entertainment
• Circus skills workshop, ice cream van, bouncy castles and a paintball range for the children

The day will start around 0930hrs and finish around 1530hrs. The only money required will be to pay for any refreshments required.

Please contact your friend/family member whom is serving for more details and tickets.

We can provide complimentary coach travel from York and subsidised local accommodation (please ask your serving friend/family member for further details).

Families who have a connection with someone serving in 1YORKS are welcome to attend. 

Any queries please contact Capt Tibbett - e-mail: jeffrey.tibbett844@mod.gov.uk  Tel: 01985 210305