A message from the Yorkshire Regiment Association

From the Chairman Maj Pat Ralph and Vice-Chairman Maj Charlie Helmn

A message from the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of The Yorkshire Regiment Association, Maj Pat Ralph and Maj Charlie Helmn.

Dear Members, Friends, and Family,

Here we are nearly 6 months since the lockdown commenced, following the Coronavirus pandemic arriving in the United Kingdom. During this time a lot has happened! We have witnessed Captain Sir Tom’s magnificent efforts to raise a fortune for the NHS and subsequently rewarded with a Knighthood. His achievement is fantastic; however, I know of a great many other charitable events to raise funds or to help the country that you are involved in, including one of our branches donating all its money to a food bank.

The following is a flavour of some of the activities that have been undertaken by our very large Yorkshire Regiment family. Shopping for others, delivering medicines, helping with transport, and in some cases even babysitting. Many of you have unselfishly worked for no financial gain. You have been part of the 2500 unselfish people that have come forward and helped in many other ways. Hundreds of you are now and have been since the start working on COVID-19 Test Centres, Mobile Test Units and ‘Pop-up’ shops on the High Street.
You have come out of retirement, been made unemployed, been on furlough, and you have brought in your wives, your kin and friends to work. One thing is for sure, you get up every day and fight and I suspect his fight will go on for a long time to come.

We want to say a huge thank you on behalf of the Yorkshire Regiment Association for responding to the many requests to come forward and take up employment in many vital roles that we have been asked to help with. When this will end? I don’t know it could be another 12 months or even more, so thank you for answering the call. More opportunities will come our way in the future, to help the NHS, the country and in turn your families. We will continue to look at ways where we can help each other.

During the last six months, we, as you know have been involved in helping veterans and their families get through life. An amazing amount of help has been needed, not just in monetary terms but just being there and able to listen. Practical problems are sometimes easier to resolve, for instance the team from Middlesbrough who hired a truck, and travelled all over Yorkshire, collecting furniture donated by you and taking it to one of our homeless veterans.

Far more difficult are the medical issues and mental illnesses that have come out of COVID-19. As we head towards the 10 September - Suicide Prevention Day and 10 October - National Mental Health Awareness Day, there has never been a more important time to put your hand up and let us know how we can support you. Tell us what your needs are, we don’t have all the answers but by gum we will try and get them.

The Regimental Association is there for you. Please get involved, get in touch and join up. Also, keep in touch with your own association, the PWO, GH, DWR, and YV, they all are looking after you and your families.

The main YRA email address is: yorksassociation@btconnect.com


Major Charlie Helmn BEM is: yorks-ao-south-c2@btconnect.com
Major Pat Ralph MM is: yorksahqrichmond@btconnect.com